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Effective with the November 2020 Letting 2021 Standard Specifications 209 Granular Backfill 209.1 Description (1) This section describes furnishing processed or selected granular materials, where the plans designate, ... crushed gravel, or crushed stone. Do not use

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Jan 22, 2021· Backfilling is the process of putting the soil back into a trench or foundation once excavation, and the related work has been completed. The backfill process requires skills and heavy equipment as well as knowledge of the specifications, contract requirements, and soil conditions.

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over crushed stone and polyethylene sheeting. G. Sub-slab radon mitigation procedures shall be followed. H. All exterior walks shall be poured concrete three to four inch nominal thickness, over crushed stone in accordance with the plan. I. All steel I-beams and lolly columns shall be installed, as per plan. IV. Masonry Work:

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Supply, spread and compact to minimum thickness of 100mm, DTp1 crushed stone sub-base material installed to suitable falls and levels. Supply and lay on 25-40mm 8:1 grit sand/cement bed, INSERT CHOSEN TYPE Paving in INSERT NUMBER OF SIZES in …

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A well-graded material (HL6). Washed and crushed, for use in all concrete mixes. Gabion stone Used to fill in very wet areas. Can also be used as a landscape stone for different affects. Gabion is used in gabion baskets for retaining walls and shoreline protection. River stone Round stone used mostly for landscape affect and shoreline protection.

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Washington Rock Quarries has been producing competitively priced rock, sand, and soil since 1990. Over the years, we developed a quality control program to help us make a wide variety of crushed rock and crushed stone products that meet tough customer specifications.

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specifications as it deems necessary. II. General Requirements ... bedding of gravel, sand or clean well tamped backfill. ... A minimum of six inches base course of crushed stone (3/4 inch max. stone size) or free-draining gravel shall be placed under all transformer vault a.

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312.0110 Select Crushed Material TON 312.0115 Select Crushed Material CY 313.0110 Pit Run TON 313.0115 Pit Run CY 315.0100 Asphaltic Base TON 315.0200 Asphaltic Base Widening TON 320.0105 Concrete Base 4-Inch SY 320.0110 Concrete Base 4 1/2-Inch SY 320.0115 Concrete Base 5-Inch SY 320.0120 Concrete Base 5 1/2-Inch SY

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The load distribution path through the crushed stone is at an angle approximately 60 degrees from the horizontal. 4. As the depth of the crushed stone layer increases, the effective bearing width on the underlying soil also increases. (See Figure 1.) 5. The tables in this booklet identify the required depth of the crushed stone footing for ...

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Flush Trench Repair with Stone: July 15, 2015: ST-270b: Flush Trench Repair with Flowable Fill: July 15, 2015: ST-271a: Recessed Trench Repair with Crushed Stone: July 15, 2015: ST-271b: Recessed Trench Repair with Flowable Fill: September 10, 2004: ST-272: Trench Pavement Repair (Outside Roadway) March 16, 2006: ST-273: Utility Cut Locations ...