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Swiss-based consultancy and international knowledge base for national and international clients in the life science industry.

Customer Knowledge Management (CKM):

Due to more than 25 years professional experiences in the healthcare industry we provide a global network in healthcare relationship. In our knowledge base we update regulary main contacts about providers and suppliers. We consult the combination of Knowledge Management (KM) with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for synergies in innovative CKM tools and solutions.

International Medical Statistics (IMS Health):

We support you with professional analysis and data transformation by using your inhouse data from IMS Health, international or national. Don't hesitate to contact us for detail information.

Hospital, Emergency Medical Data & ICD Data Analysis:

We support with professional analysis and data transformation concerning interfaces, data definitions, completeness and correctness of many kinds of medical data, e.g. diagnosis data with International Classification of Diseases (ICD). Our team and international network of business partners are skilled also in national coding/clearing systems and logics like LKF and DRG.